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Climanosco’s timeline

11 November 2016:
Workshop at the Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario: “First Steps into Bridging Climate Sciences with the General Public with the Climanosco Initiative”.

9, 10 November 2016:
One seminar and one undergraduate lecture at the School of the Environment, University of Toronto: “Communicating Climate Sciences and Engaging the General Public in the Process – The Climanosco Initiative”.

1-31 October 2016:
First General Assembly of Climanosco.

25 October 2016:
Award Ceremony of Climanosco’s Launch Challenge and Announcement of the Winners. Official closing of the Launch Challenge.

22-23 September 2016:
Dialog session and booth at the ScienceComm’16 in Yverdon, Switzerland: “Making online interaction a Win-Win: Example with – a new climate science communication platform”.

15 September 2016:
Talk at the European Meteorological Society’s Annual Meeting, Trieste, Italy: “Engaging Citizens in the Communication of Climate Sciences as an Educational Process”.

23 August 2016:
Talk at the Swiss Physical Society’s Annual Meeting, Lugano, Switzerland: “Climate physics for non-experts: The Climanosco project and its value in teaching science”.

17 July 2016:
Climanosco is proud to announce its first Published Article!

4 July 2016:
Climanosco is now a registered trademark in the USA (Trademark Registration Number: 4,957,854, Certificate). We can now use the mark Climanosco®.

27 June 2016:
Climanosco is now a registered trademark in the European Union (EU Trademark Number: 1251641). More details of the registration are available on the EU IPO web site.

23-28 April 2016:
Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the European Geosciences Union in Vienna: “Bringing Climate Sciences to the General Public
With the Climanosco Initiative”.

11 April 2016:
Seminar at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam, Germany: “Engaging citizens in the process of communicating climate sciences – the Climanosco initiative”.

8 December 2015:
Our first Newsletter is out – enjoy!

5 November 2015:
Start of our Launch Challenge (see Announcement) with 12 participating Manuscripts. Updated information is available on our Challenge Page.

15 October 2015:
More than $13,000 were raised during Climanosco’s Launch Crowdfunding campaign from 15 September to 15 October on Indiegogo at A big thank you to all those who contributed. The Crowdfunding campaign remained open (InDemand) for late contributions until 9 December 2015.

17 September 2015:
Climanosco’s Launch Event was held at The Garage of the Impact HUB Zurich.

14 August 2015:
The Climanosco association is now officially registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Zurich, Switzerland (see the SHAB Publication in German).

9 July 2015:
The not-for-profit Climanosco association is now founded! The statutes were adopted by the Constitutive Assembly and are available here in English (translation) and here in German (official).

25 June 2015:
The Constitutive Assembly is open for a period of 14 days from Thursday 25 June 00:00 UTC to Wednesday 8 July 23:59 UTC at the address

24 March 2015:
Climate Online changes name and becomes Climanosco (see Announcement).

22 February 2015:
The new, definitive name Climanosco is a now registered trademark in Switzerland. An international request will follow. See details of Swiss registration application in (in German).

3 February 2015:
The first Manuscript was submitted today.

22 January 2015:
Seminar at the Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz, Germany: “Making Climate Sciences Become Public Knowledge – A Bottom-up Approach”.

4 November 2014:
Formation of Climate Online’s Advisory Committee (see Announcement).

5 September 2014:
Submission of the registration application for the mark “Climate Online” in Switzerland and internationally (pending Swiss registration).

4 June 2014:
Seminar at Ouranos, Montreal, Canada (in French): “Une nouvelle plateforme internet pour la dissémination des sciences du climat vers le grand public et la collaboration citoyenne” (A new internet platform for the dissemination of climate sciences to the general public and the collaboration with citizens).

April 2014:
Phase 0 accomplished: The proof-of-concept web site is now public. Scientists and non-scientists are called to get on board and participate in the development of the first climate articles for the general public. The name Climate Online is a temporary working name.

June 2013: