Launch Challenge 2015

At the occasion of the launch of Climanosco, we are organizing a challenge where early-career climate scientists are invited to rewrite one of their recent peer-reviewed paper in about 3 pages of non-scientific language for publication with Climanosco. The best articles will win exciting prizes! The challenge runs by invitation only (participation is limited). All members of Climanosco are welcome to participate in the discussions and reviews of these manuscripts.

For any question, please read the Rules of the Challenge, visit our FAQ or contact us at:

News on the Challenge:

1 November 2016: Official announcement of the Winners of the Launch Challenge. Congratulation to all Authors, Editors and Referees for having made this happen!
25 October 2016: Award Ceremony with first announcement of the Winners.
3 September 2016: All participating papers are now published! The Jury is deliberating and results will come soon!

The Winners:

The First Prize is awarded to

The Third Prize is awarded to

Congratulation to our three Winners!
The Jury had a tough job selecting the three best papers as all 11 papers were really excellent. A huge congratulation to all Authors!
On top of the prizes of the three Winners, all Authors receive a certificate and a T-Shirt with their paper’s title and short summary printed on it.

Minutes on the Jury’s Deliberations and Award Ceremony are now available for members (log-in required).

The participating Manuscripts:

The following 11 manuscripts have participated to Climanosco’s Launch Challenge. The links below bring you directly to the corresponding Published Articles. The articles are listed in alphabetic order. Note that to see discussions and review reports on a paper, you will need to visit the corresponding Submitted Manuscript page available from the Article Summary (log-in required).

"A new way to quickly estimate climate change impacts on rivers and streams"
Julie A. Vano and Meghan M. Dalton
Published 19/07/2016, No Comments
"Can somebody clear the air? How air quality and climate change are connected."
Erika von Schneidemesser
Published 24/08/2016, No Comments
"Choose you own scientific experiment: Triggering debris flows and flash floods"
Thea Turkington
Published 03/09/2016, No Comments
"Could climate engineering save the Greenland Ice Sheet?"
Patrick J. Applegate and K. Keller
Published 01/09/2016, No Comments
"El Niño dynamics and long lead climate forecasts"
Joan Ballester, S. Bordoni, D. Petrova and X. Rodó
Published 17/07/2016, No Comments
"Global warming might be on hold, but it’s not cancelled"
Iselin Medhaug
Published 19/07/2016, No Comments
"Surface lakes on Greenland will spread further inland as the climate warms"
Amber A Leeson
Published 01/09/2016, No Comments

Announced Papers:


Information for participants for the submission of manuscripts