Climate Articles

Climanosco publishes high standard scientific articles in the area of climate science written in a non-scientific language for a wide public. All Manuscripts submitted to Climanosco undergo a strict Peer-Review Process during which they may be accepted as such, accepted after revision, or rejected. Once a Manuscript is accepted, it is published on Climanosco‘s web site as a Published Article.

Published Articles are freely available to everyone. They can be cited or re-used following our Copyrights rules.

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Climanosco publishes articles at three different levels:

  • Introductory Articles: Basic introduction to a subject; start here if you want to understand the basics;
  • General Articles: Broad overview of an area; a good place to start becoming knowledgeable on a subject;
  • Focus Articles: Narrower scope with more details on the current state-of-the-art.

Articles can have three types of source:

  • Original Articles: Articles that are written on the basis of several studies published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature;
  • Paraphrased Articles: Articles that are paraphrasing a scientific article published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature;
  • Updated Articles: Articles that update an existing Climanosco Published Article with new knowledge.

Manuscripts are available to members only. Of particular interest are the Manuscripts Open for Review and the Manuscripts in Open Discussion. Manuscripts stay open for Review for a period of three weeks during which Referees and any member can write a Review Report on the Manuscript. At the end of this period, the Review Reports are posted on the web site and the Manuscript is open for discussion by all members for two weeks. The Open Discussion allows a spontaneous discussion on the Manuscript. Closed Manuscripts have already gone through the Peer-Review Process and have either been accepted or rejected. Manuscripts can not be cited; they do not represent finalized publications and their content and/or form may not be appropriate.

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Manuscript Invitations are invitations made by members when they wish a new Manuscript to be submitted on a subject of their interest and of relevance to Climanosco. The scientific members of Climanosco who have an expertise in this subject area are then contacted and if possible a group of authors is formed. This will normally lead to a new Manuscript to be submitted to Climanosco in the next months. Open Manuscript Invitations are invitations that have not been fulfilled with a Manuscript yet. Closed Manuscript Invitations are invitations for which a Manuscript has already been submitted.

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