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Human responses to climate change

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Welcome to our call for artists and scientists on Human responses to climate change. Here is how you can help make climate science accessible.

Participate with your comments in the preliminary discussions on scientific manuscripts

Preliminary discussions allow a first exchange – and perhaps the most exciting one – around the scientific manuscripts, and they have just started!

Make sure you participate by commenting on as many of the manuscripts as you like within this period of two weeks. The authors will use all of your feedbacks to make a first round of improvements to their manuscripts.

Comments are welcome from all members on any aspects of the mansucripts, including the ease of understanding, the narrative, the presentation, the phrasing, and of course the science.

Write your reviews

With the first round of improvements of the manuscripts being completed on most manuscripts, our science editors are now seeking reviewers to write independent reviews of the manuscripts. A review is a feedback on a whole manuscript. We typically need two reviewers checking the accessibility of a manuscript for a broad audience, and two reviewers checking that the scientific content of a manuscript is based on existing peer reviewed scientific publications.

Your participation as an independent reviewer is essential to ensure that Climanosco research articles are both reliable and accessible. We count on you!

Ready? Scroll down to see the list of scientific manuscripts, and click on a title of your choice…

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Submissions by scientists

Participating manuscripts are accessible here. Note that you must be logged in as a member to access manuscripts details (see how here).

Community membership in climate action: From youth organizers to rural hunters
By Jessica Love-Nichols, Julia Coombs Fine, Delcia Orona, Forest Ophelia Stuart, Rohit Reddy Karnaty and Shawn Van Valkenburgh
In revision by authors.

Working on Indian Time: Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Climate Change, and Phenology
By Samantha Chisholm Hatfield

Putting the brakes on climate change – it’s about more than just CO2.
By Kathleen A. Mar

Human reactions to climate change: a social psychological perspective
By Rusi Jaspal and Brigitte Nerlich

Need of a Global Wetland Restoration Programme: Lessons from Finland
By Tero Mustonen
Now open for discussion! Give your final comments by 12 November 2021.



Submissions by artists



Dear 2050: Humans Respond to Climate Change

The exhibition “Dear 2050: Humans Respond to Climate Change” took place from 24 October to 6 November 2020 in downtown Zurich and presented to the public all the works submitted in this call. Browse through the catalogue of the exhibition below or contact us to order your free paper copy. Check out the DEAR2050 archive to watch the exhibition’s virtual visits in English or German, and the plenary speakers.

We thank the Swiss National Science Foundation / Agora, the Jubiläumsstiftung of Mobiliar Genossenschaft and the Migros Kulturprozent for supporting financially the exhibition. We thank the St Anna Forum for providing the venue.

Download the report on this exhibition.


More information and contact

All members of Climanosco have access to the manuscripts after login. If you registered as a subscriber of Climanosco and you’d like to participate in the discussions and reviews, please upgrade your registration to member by logging in, connecting to your profile update page, and by following the instructions under “Considering changing your registration…”. If you haven’t registered yet, you may register as a member for free at any time.

To contact us, please send an email to

See the Invitation for scientists here.

See the Invitation for artists here.


12 February 2021: We updated this page with links to all art works, the exhibition catalogue and the site where you will find the exhibition’s archive.

24 October to 6 November: All works submitted in this call were presented as part of the Exhibition “Dear 2050: Humans Respond to Climate Change”

1 June 2020: Start of the open review of the manuscripts.

12 May 2020: We just received our last manuscript of the collection.

14 April 2020: Start of the preliminary discussions on the first four manuscripts.

1 April 2020: We have received the first four manuscripts and another 2-4 are expected to come with some delay due to the current lock-down.

15 March 2020: Today was the manuscript submission deadline, but some submissions have been delayed due to the current lock-down. Thank you everyone for your work and your patience.

25 February 2020: We just received our first manuscript! Things are getting very exciting as we are receiving the first manuscripts and artists are starting creations.

10 December 2019: We are moving our call’s deadlines to early January 2020 to account for COP25 and the seasonal holidays, and we have re-named it as our “call 2020”.

19 November 2019: At the request of several potential participants, we have extended the deadlines of our call for scientists.

15 November 2019: A few first authors notified us of their participation in this call.

23 October 2019: Launch of the scientific part of this new call.

15 October 2019: Hello world! We’re starting preparations for this new call for scientists and artists.