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Oceans on the Rise

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Welcome to our call for artists and scientists on Oceans and Climate Change. Here is how you can help make climate science accessible.

Write your reviews

With the first round of improvements of the manuscripts being completed on most manuscripts, our science editors are now seeking reviewers to write independent reviews of the manuscripts. A review is a feedback on a whole manuscript. We typically need two reviewers checking the accessibility of a manuscript for a broad audience, and two reviewers checking that the scientific content of a manuscript is based on existing peer reviewed scientific publications.

Your participation as an independent reviewer is essential to ensure that Climanosco research articles are both reliable and accessible. We count on you!

Ready? Scroll down to see the list of scientific manuscripts, and click on a title of your choice…

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Submissions by scientists

Participating manuscripts are listed here with current peer-review status. Note that you must be logged in as a member to access manuscripts details (see how here).

Overfishing and habitat loss in a warming ocean
By Helen F Yan
Now open for reviews!

Estimating when and where human-induced change in ocean water-masses becomes greater than natural variations
By Yona Silvy
Now open for reviews!

Beyond curbing emissions – Possible approaches from the ocean to support attainment of global climate goals
By Barbara Neumann, Lina Röschel, Ben Boteler and Sebastian Unger
Now open for reviews!

Will salmon disappear in warming world?
By Lisa Crozier, Dylan Gomes and Gordon Axel
Now open for reviews!

Reconstructing the evolution of the Gulf Stream system
By Levke Caesar
Now open for reviews!

Microplastics in the oceans: the many ways they can harm coral life
By Cinzia Corinaldesi, Sara Canensi, Antonio Dell'Anno, Michael Tangherlini, Iole di Capua, Stefano Varrella, Trevor J. Willis, Carlo Cerrano and Roberto Danovaro
Now open for reviews!

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Submissions by artists

Participating artists are listed here – click on the titles to discover more!



Dear2050: Oceans on the Rise

The exhibition Dear2050: Oceans on the Rise took place from 12 December 2021 to 30 January 2022 at the Kunst(Zeug)Haus in Rapperswil and from 12 February to 12 March 2022 at Kammgarn West Schaffhausen (Switzerland).

Visit the exhibition online now at

Catalogue of the exhibition (now available in German; English version coming soon):

11 February: Vernissage at Kammgarn West Schaffhausen, starting at 17:00
12 February – 12 March: Dear2050: Oceans on the rise exhibition at Kammgarn west Schaffhausen (see details)
12 December: Vernissage at Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil, starting at 14:00
12 December – 30 January: Dear2050: Oceans on the rise exhibition at Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil (see details)
17 November: OCEANIDA at Zoo Zurich, starting at 17:00 (see details)
16 November: OCEANIDA at Zeug(Haus)Areal Rapperswil, starting at 19:00 (see details)
13 November: OCEANIDA at Zoo Zurich, starting at 17:00 (see details)
12 November: OCEANIDA at Zoo Zurich, starting at 17:00 (see details)



As we work towards this new exciting Dear2050 exhibition, we particularly appreciate any amount of support by like-hearted minds, whether through a donation to Climanosco or a donation specifically for Dear2050.

To learn about upcoming Dear2050 exhibitions, or to watch virtual tours or speeches of previous editions, check our site.



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See the Invitation for scientists here.

See the Invitation for artists here.


29 April 2022: The peer review of the manuscripts is starting.

12 March 2022: The Dear2050: Oceans on the rise exhibition in Kammgarn West Schaffhausen is ending today after a month of activity. We thank the numerous visitors who joined us and visited this amazing collection.

31 January 2022: The Dear2050: Oceans on the rise exhibition in Rapperswil is now closed. It was a great success. We counted over 40 visitors at the vernissage and up to 12 on the exhibition days. We look forward to the exhibition in Schaffhausen!

5 November 2021: The Dear2050: Oceans on the rise exhibition programme is now finalized. We will have dance performances by Oceanida on 12, 13, 16, 17 November in Zurich and Lucern, followed by the exhibition in Raperswil from 12 December to 30 January. Don’t miss the amazing performances and exhibition!

8 October 2021: Everybody get ready! The manuscripts will become accessible to our members and the preliminary discussion will start in the next few days.

6 August 2021: The dates and locations of the exhibition will be as follows: 12 Dec 2021 – 30 Jan 2022 at Kunst(zeug)haus Rapperswil, 19 Feb 2022 – 3 Apr 2022 at Kammgarn West Schaffhausen. More information on

15 July 2021: We’re glad to share that we have 19 artists and 7 scientists contributing with their works in this call. These works will be exposed in the DEAR2050: Oceans On The Rise exhibition later this year.

10 June 2021: Thank you to all scientists who submitted their manuscripts on time. We’re still waiting for one manuscript and will launch the preliminary discussion mid-August after the summer holiday.

29 March 2021: Thank you everyone for your notifications of intent for our call for artists. We received 91 submissions. Will be following up with you within the coming few weeks.

2 February 2021: Hello world! We’re starting preparations for this new call for scientists and artists.