About Climanosco

Climanosco is an independent non-for-profit association, an internet platform, and most importantly a growing community of citizens and active climate scientists from around the world. It provides free access to high quality climate science and allows interested citizens to engage side-by-side with climate scientists in the process of making climate science and of communicating it.

Climanosco’s Goals

We are developing a community and a platform to serve the citizens and the climate scientists around the world by:

  • Making state-of-the-art climate science accessible to everyone for free in non-scientific language;
  • Providing a direct channel to raise questions related to climate science and obtain answers from active climate scientists;
  • Engaging citizens in the process of making climate science and of communicating it;
  • Offering to climate scientists a reliable channel for communicating with a broad public about their research.

Climanosco’s Basic Principles

All our activities are based on three principles:

  • Neutrality and independence;
  • Highest scientific standards;
  • Individual participation.

Climanosco is governed as an independent association by its members. At the financial level, Climanosco accepts only small, capped donations, in order to ensure financial independence with respect to any donor. For the year 2015-2016, registration is free of membership fees.
The Board of Directors is elected by the members at the General Assembly and is composed by half of climate scientists and by half of non-climate scientists. If this proportion changes in the course of a year, new members are elected at the following General Assembly to make sure equality is maintained.
Although all our articles are written in non-scientific language, their content reflects the state-of-the-art knowledge. Highest scientific standards are enforced through an innovative Peer-Review Process and by requesting that each article’s main author is an active climate scientist. Our Scientific Editorial Board is composed of highly recognized climate scientists.
Most importantly, all our activities are based on the personal engagement of individuals, climate scientists and non-climate scientists, citizens from around the world.

The Climanosco Association

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Climanosco in Numbers

Staff 4
Members 124
Directors 10
Editors 10
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Manuscripts currently under review 2
Published Articles 11
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