Whether considering which crops to plant, how to reduce the carbon emissions of a city’s transportation system, or whether to bring an umbrella along for the daily commute, we all interact with climate. Responding to and managing our influence on climate impacts is a major challenge for society today and for centuries to come.

Climanosco was founded on the vision that we can all play a part in addressing this challenge – and that a first step towards doing so is to make the best knowledge about climate science accessible to everyone.

We turn cutting-edge climate research into knowledge accessible to everyone

Every year, scientific literature publishes over 15,000 new climate research articles. This research represents humankind’s best knowledge and is vital in creating informed, interconnected and viable solutions for climate challenges that impact us all. Yet, due to its technical nature, this research is inaccessible to the vast majority of people.

What if this knowledge was made accessible to everyone?

Climanosco is leading the way in this endeavor by publishing state-of-the-art, peer reviewed climate research articles that have been edited for a broad audience. Articles are written and reviewed by climate researchers and authors are supported in adjusting text for greater accessibility by reviewers with diverse backgrounds.

We enhance climate science by opening dialogue between citizens and researchers

Science cannot exist in a vacuum, but sometimes there is a disconnect from day to day life. Research may proceed without sufficient consideration of its relevance to local communities and societal stakeholders.

What if there was a space for citizens and scientists to address questions of climate science together?

Climanosco fosters collaborative, community-driven connections between society and science. Our forum offers a space where citizens and scientists come together to ask questions, share ideas and together shape and enhance the conversation on climate science research.

We are a diverse, international community

We are just getting started, but we already have 290 members from over 20 countries, reflecting a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise. We’d love you to join us in making climate science for everyone!

Climanosco’s main goals

  • Make state-of-the-art climate science free and accessible to everyone;
  • Engage citizens in the process of communicating and enhancing climate science;
  • Offer climate scientists a reliable channel for communicating their research to a broad public;
  • Provide a direct channel for citizens and scientists to engage with each other about questions of climate science.

Climanosco’s basic principles

All our activities are based on three principles:

  • Neutrality and independence;
  • Highest scientific standards;
  • Individual participation.

Climanosco is governed as an independent association by its members. At the financial level, Climanosco accepts only capped donations to ensure independence with respect to any donor.

The Board of Directors is elected by the members of the association at the General Assembly and is composed half by members who are registered climate scientists and half by members with other backgrounds.

While all our articles are written in accessible language, their content reflects state-of-the-art knowledge. Highest scientific standards are enforced through an extensive peer review process and by requesting that each article’s main author is an active climate scientist. Our scientific editorial board is composed of recognized climate scientists.

Most importantly, all our activities are based on the personal engagement of individuals from around the world.