Climanosco is an independent, non-profit association with 288 members covering more than 20 countries dedicated to making climate science accessible to everyone.

Climanosco was registered in August 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland (see SHAB publication in German).

The foundations of our organization are set in our statutes.
Read our statutes in English, in German (the official version) or browse through the current and past versions of our statutes.
Board of Directors
Our board of Directors is the leading body of our organization after the General Assembly. Its members are elected by the General Assembly such that a half are registered climate scientists and the other half are from other fields of expertise. Get to know our 9 board members by visiting our board of directors page.
Activity reports
Our activity reports present all yearly activities of our organization. Read the latest activity report (login as member required) or browse through our activity reports history page (login as member required).
Financial reports
Our financial reports present the yearly finances of the organization. Read the latest financial report (login as member required) or browse through our financial and auditors reports history page (login as member required).
General Assembly
The General Assembly is the governing body of the organization. The General Assembly is organized at least yearly and is open to the members of the association. Browse through the General Assemblies page (login as member of the association required).
To guide our activities, we organise polls and surveys on specific topics. Browse through our polls page (login required).