Volunteering with Climanosco is fun, easy and connects you to the global climate science community.

Review manuscripts

We welcome volunteers to join as members and take on requests to review manuscripts and help authors improve them before publication. As a volunteer, you may be asked to review manuscripts as:

  • an accessibility reviewer: You will provide feedback to ensure text is engaging and readily understandable to a broad audience. No specific expertise required – everyone welcome.
  • a science reviewer: You will provide feedback on the science content. We require science reviewers to be registered climate scientists.

Feedback is provided via a structured peer review supported by volunteer editors who are available to provide guidance and answer any questions you might have during the process.

Translate content

Providing access to climate science in different languages is part of our mission. Currently our content is available in English but we are eager to expand our offering to other languages in the future and need the help of skilled volunteer translators to do so.

We are looking for volunteers with knowledge of various languages to join and be ready to help with translation. To register as a volunteer translator, tick the box next to Yes, I can help translate content. in the registration form (or your profile dashboard) and list your language(s).