EGU Conference. Session ‘Geoscientists as communicators’

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Event dates: 12/04/2015 – 17/04/2015
Event location: Vienna, Austria
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Dear Colleagues,

We invite your contributions to ‘Geoscientists as communicators’ at the 2015 EGU General Assembly, April 12-17, Vienna, Austria. The session description can be found below.

The abstract deadline is January 7 13:00 CET, and details on how to submit can be found here:


Marie Charrière, TU Delft, the Netherlands,

Saskia van Manen, The Open University, UK,

EOS12: Geoscientists as communicators

Communication of the scientific process and its subsequent results is done to achieve a variety of objectives depending on the stakeholders involved: from generating awareness and stimulating interest in children to influencing policy and practice at national and international levels. Giving the numerous fields that the geosciences encompass, the complexity of the subjects and issues and the debate they can spark, and the variety of audiences that can be targeted, good communication is vital and as such there is a need to develop and share ways of communicating and measuring the impacts of communication and outreach efforts provided by our community. In this session we invite applied and theoretical contributions that cover the following topics: (1) Should geoscientists act as communicators? (2) Communication in practice and (3) Evaluation of communication. We particularly encourage submissions of examples of communication initiatives (via any type of tools from websites to lectures and exhibitions), whether successful or ineffective, to encourage shared learning and development towards best practice. To allow meaningful discussions and debates, we encourage geoscientists from all fields as well as journalists and communication experts to submit an abstract in our session.