Happy Year 2016!

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Posted on 06/01/2016

Happy Year 2016!
Michel S. Bourqui
2016-01-06 09:17:44

Happy Year 2016!

It’s wonderful to see what we achieved in the year 2015! We founded Climanosco! We coined its name Climanosco, held our Constitutive Assembly, launched our 3 minute digest series on Facebook, held our first fundraising, started our Launch Challenge, and even released our our first newsletter! All this in just one year.

Each of these steps was achieved thanks to the contribution of many of our wonderful members. A warm thank you for your fantastic work!

The year 2016 will be a very exciting year for Climanosco. During this year, Climanosco will grow and develop. A few milestones are already on the table:

  • Launch Challenge with publication of our first articles (until February-March)
  • Launch of our Online Donation Shop (January-February)
  • General Assembly (June-July)
  • Switch to multi-lingual and first translations of pages and articles (in the fall)

Important for the coming days: Our Editors will send invitations to our non-scientific members to be Referees for the manuscripts participating to the Launch Challenge. It is very important that you participate and that you provide a candid feed-back. Only you can ensure that these manuscripts will be understandable by a large public.

Best wishes,