Launch Challenge – Open Discussion Until 6 April

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Posted on 23/03/2016

Launch Challenge – Open Discussion Until 6 April
Michel S. Bourqui
2016-03-23 09:50:11

Dear Everyone,

Our Launch Challenge is progressing very well! We have now received all the Non-scientific Review Reports for the Manuscripts participating to the Challenge. A Big Thank You to all our Non-scientific Referees!!!

Let’s now have an exciting 2-week Open Discussion together on these Manuscripts until 6 April (23:59 UTC). This is your last chance to say what you think and give your feed-back on these Manuscripts.

Passed this date, the Manuscripts will continue their journey through our Peer-Review Process (Authors Reply, Editor’s Recommendation, Manuscript Revision, Editor’s Decision and possibly Publication).

It is very important that you participate to this last round of discussion! The Authors and Editors are listening to you. They need to know what you think in order to orientate the revisions of the Manuscripts for publication with Climanosco.

Simply type your feed-backs in the Comments area at the bottom of the Manuscripts pages. You will find links to the Manuscripts as usual on our Challenge page. Don’t wait!

A Big Thank You for your participation!