Proudly introducing our new, definitive name Climanosco

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Posted on 24/03/2015

Proudly introducing our new, definitive name Climanosco
Michel S. Bourqui
2015-03-24 12:12:13

We are most delighted to introduce our new, definitive name Climanosco.

Climanosco is a simple combination of the two ancient Latin words “clima” and “nosco”.

Nosco is the active, present form of the Latin verb “nōscere”. It comes directly from the ancient Proto-Indo-European “ǵneh₃”, which is at the origin of the modern verbs “to know” in English, “kennen” in German, “connaître” in French, “conoscere” in Italian,“conocer” in Spanish, “conhecer” in Portuguese, “jānāti” in Sanskrit, etc.

Nosco’s meaning spans the entire process of acquiring knowledge: -1- to get a knowledge of, to become acquainted with, -2- to examine, to consider, -3- to recognise, to acknowledge, -4- to be acquainted with, to know.

This process lies at the center of our initiative as the fundamental and common process through which scientific researchers seek new knowledge and non-scientists or citizens seek a sound understanding on the climate.

Climanosco is now a registered trademark in Switzerland and a request follows internationally. Over the next future, we will see the name Climanosco progressively replace the old, temporary name Climate Online.