Manuscript Invitations: Requirements upon submission

Note: This draft version 0 is applicable since 01/01/2015, pending approval by the Board of Directors and the General Assembly. Next version.

Manuscript Invitations allow any member of Climanosco to invite the scientific members to group and write a Manuscript on some topic. With this feature, Climanosco offers a unique channel for non-scientists to receive science-based, documented answers to their concerns about climate changes. For this to work smoothly, authors of Manuscript Invitations are requested to fulfill a set of minimal requirements:

  • Length of Manuscript Invitation: In order to maximize the impact of the Manuscript Invitation, it must be kept as short as possible, it must use simple words and show a clear structure. The allowed length of the Summary is limited to 100 words, and that of the Proposal to 600 words.
  • Proposed level of Manuscript: The level of a Manuscript can be either “Introductory”, “General” or “Focus”. This level should be carefully chosen as it will determine the scope of the Manuscript. When proposing a topic which is not already included in other Articles/Manuscripts at Climanosco yet, it is recommended to submit the Invitation for a “General” Manuscript.
  • Description of thematic: This description should be as clear and concise as possible. In particular, the limits of the awaited Manuscript must be clearly stated. It is not recommended to provide many details and it should be kept in mind that the scientific authors will use the Invitation as a guideline only. It should not be expected that the awaited Manuscript exactly answers to all questions, but it is expected that it will cover the most important part in a scientifically coherent way.
  • Impacted/interested communities: When applicable, describing impacted or interested communities may help the scientific authors write the Manuscript with the right perspective in mind. It also helps readers/authors understand the motivation of the Invitation and helps facilitate the dissemination of knowledge.
  • Relation of Manuscript Invitation with existing Articles/Manuscripts at Climanosco: This question should be carefully considered. Articles published at Climanosco are meant to serve as building blocks of knowledge. They can be updated when substantially new knowledge is available. An Invitation for a new Manuscript should propose a distinct building block. For instance, it can invite a Focus Manuscript addressing a yet uncovered aspect of a topic where a General Article/Manuscript already exists. An Invitation for an Updated Manuscript should demonstrate that substantial new knowledge is available.
  • Potential scientific authors: This is optional. If the proposer has names for scientific experts on the topic, preferably Climanosco members, he/she can propose them here.
  • Subject Area(s) and Geographical Sector(s): It is recommended to first try to use the existing keywords and propose new ones only if no existing ones fit.
  • Willingness to co-author the Manuscript: If the proposer desires to contribute to the awaited Manuscript, he/she can specify it here. It should be kept in mind that the extent of the contribution by the proposer is eventually decided by the scientific main author, usually in interaction with the proposer.