Sales Return Policy of Online Shop

Note: This version 1 is applicable since 20/12/2021. This version 1 was approved by the Board of Directors on 15/09/2021. It was approved by the General Assembly on 19/12/2021.

This Sales Returns Policy of Online Shop (the “Returns Policy” hereafter) applies to products purchased on Climanosco’s Online Shop available on the Internet at the address (the “Online Shop” hereafter). It describes the customer’s right of return and how to exercise this right. Are excluded from this Return Policy digital products such as digital images or videos. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact details below.

14-Day Risk Free Return Guarantee

  1. We offer a 14-day risk free return guarantee to every customer on products purchased with the Online Shop.
  2. As a customer, you may request to return products at no cost under the following conditions:
    • If the packaging is damaged on arrival, take photos of the packaging before opening it and take photos of the products for the insurance.
    • You carefully keep the products in the same condition as they arrived and in appropriate packaging – ideally in the original packaging.
    • Within less than 14 days of reception of the order, you send us an email requesting a free return and stating the main reason from the following list:
      1. I changed my mind
      2. The product was misdescribed on the Online Shop
      3. The product I received is different from what I ordered
      4. The product is defective but the packaging is not damaged
      5. The product has been damaged during shipping
      6. The product has been lost during shipping
    • In all cases, please attach in your email a few photos of the products and packaging.
    • Climanosco will reply with an email acknowledging reception of your request with options and instructions for the return.
    • Package safely and ship the products following all instructions included in Climanosco’s email. If the packaging was not damaged upon arrival and unless otherwise instructed, please use the original packaging to ship the products back. If the packaging was damaged, use the best of your ability to package the artwork safely. See Packaging and Delivery Guidelines of Online Shop.
    • Make sure you ship the return within less than 14 days of Climanosco’s email. Immediately email Climanosco with the shipping receipt including shipping date, tracking number, shipping cost and expected date of arrival.
  3. Climanosco will refund you the price you paid for the product, the delivery costs and any return shipping cost, within 14 days of reception of the products if all the above conditions are followed.

Damaged artworks

  1. Even with the best precautions, damage may happen during shipping. This is particularly disappointing when it happens to an original artwork that you have been looking forward to receiving.
  2. If this happened to you, please get in touch with us as soon as possible with a few photos and we will put you in touch with the artist as there might be various options:
    • Repair by the artist. If the artist can repair the damage, then she/he might be able to offer it to you. You would not pay the return shipping to artist and the shipping of repaired artwork to you. The artist would communicate with you to ensure that you are satisfied by the repair before shipping the artwork back to you.
    • Reimbursement of costs of repair by specialist. If the damages can’t be repaired by the artist, perhaps you can have the artwork repaired by a specialist. In this case, we would partially refund you to reimburse you for the costs of repair.
    • A replacement from the artist. The artist may in some cases offer a replacement to the damaged artwork. In that case, the artist would ship the replacement to you at no cost for you.
    • Refund: If you prefer, or if none of the above are possible, you are always able to request to return the damaged artwork and receive your refund.

Our contact details to request a return

To request a free return please use the following email address: