Terms and Conditions of Subscription to News and Updates

Note: This version 1 is applicable since 15/09/2017. This version 1 was approved by the Board of Directors on 15/09/2017. It was approved by the General Assembly on 15/12/2017.

Climanosco is a non-profit association registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Zurich, Switzerland, on 11 August 2015 (Registration ID: CHE-415.265.288). Details on the association including its goals and its Statutes can be found at the address: www.climanosco.org/about. Climanosco finances itself through donations, membership fees and sales of items. All donations, membership fees and returns on sales shall be exclusively and solely used by Climanosco to pursue its goals according to its Statutes.

About these Terms

  1. To pursue its goals, Climanosco operates a communication web site (hereinafter the “Website”) devised to offer free contents on climate science that are intended to be accessible to a broad audience, and to allow citizens and climate scientists to interact for the purpose of making climate science accessible to everyone. The Website is available at www.climanosco.org.
  2. The Website has a Public Area which is accessible to all visitors (the “User” hereafter). The Public Area offers free climate science articles as well as other public communications and forums. It also offers an online shop. The Website has a Members Area which is available to visitors who are registered as Members and are logged in. The Members Area offers access to the peer review of manuscripts, to various members forums, activities and member-to-member communication channels.
  3. The Website also allows visitors to subscribe to news and updates without registering as a Member. Subscribing to news and updates does not grant access to the Members Area however.
  4. Registration and subscription take place via a dedicated online form on the Website.
  5. These Terms and Conditions of Subscription to News and Updates (hereafter “Terms”) establish the conditions of subscription to news and updates.
  6. Climanosco reserves the right to amend the present Terms at any time and without prior notice and shall inform Users who have subscribed to news and updates (the “Subscriber” hereinafter) of such amendments at their next log-in. Subscribers shall accept such amendments by checking the appropriate checkbox. The accounts of Subscribers who do not accept the amendments shall be blocked 14 days after notification of the amendments.


  1. Subscription is open to all natural persons over thirteen years of age who have an interest in climate science. Users under sixteen years of age must first obtain the consent of a parent or guardian.
  2. Subscription is free of fees.
  3. Each User shall only subscribe once.
  4. The subscription grants the User access to a limited personal profile including notification preferences where he/she can define the type of news, updates and notifications that shall be automatically emailed to him or her.
  5. It is the Subscriber’s responsibility to make sure that she/he has sufficient access to Internet to access the personal profile to update her/his data as needed.
  6. Subscribers vouch that data supplied on subscription are true and complete, and that they are kept up-to-date after subscription.
  7. It is expressly forbidden to place accounts at the disposal of third parties or to disclose access details to third parties.
  8. Climanosco reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue individual services or all of them, at any time and without prior notice, in whole or in part. Climanosco reserves the further right to limit or deny access to individual or all services, without prior notice at any time.

Termination of Subscription

  1. Subscribers can terminate their subscription at any time by checking the corresponding checkbox in their personal profile.
  2. The subscription may be terminated by Climanosco if the email address provided in the personal profile is not functional.
  3. Terminated subscriptions can be reinitiated at any time.

Intellectual Property

  1. All intellectual rights pertaining to the Website, its software, design, contents (text, pictures, videos and other material), news, updates, notifications as well as all email notifications sent by it are ruled by Climanosco’s Copyrights notice. Climanosco’s Copyrights notice forms part of these Terms. By using this Website, Users indicate that they accept and comply with it.

Data Protection and Use of Information by Climanosco

  1. Collection, protection, use and transmission of personal data submitted to the Website or other User data collected by Climanosco are ruled by Climanosco’s Privacy Policy. Climanosco’s Privacy Policy forms part of these Terms. By using this Website, Users indicate that they accept and comply with it.


  1. The first language used for the communication and publications shall be English. Climanosco intends to introduce additional languages in the future.
  2. Where official documents are required by the law in German language, Climanosco organises their translation in English for communication with its Users.
  3. Climanosco may not be made liable for not providing translations in a language other than English or for translation inconsistencies in translated documents.


  1. No guarantees shall be given as to the accuracy of information and opinions conveyed via the Website, either expressly or implicitly.
  2. Climanosco shall give no guarantees regarding the minimum availability of the Website. It shall, however, endeavour to maximize such availability. Users shall note that software underlying the Website is continually undergoing development and that processes cannot be guaranteed to be fault-free at all times.


  1. Climanosco hereby disclaims all liability for the Website, in particular for content displayed thereon and communications passed via it. Climanosco shall likewise not be liable for any losses arising from impossibility of use of the Website. Such disclaimer shall also apply to interruption, temporary suspension or termination of the services.
  2. Climanosco shall in no case be liable for content provided by Members. Members are alone responsible for all information and data which they send, display or notify via the Members Area and which may or may not be automatically made accessible in the Public Area.
  3. Climanosco shall accept no liability for the behaviour of Members and/or third parties or for content or statements forwarded by Members and/or third parties in the context of the services.
  4. Climanosco shall accept no liability for links, for contents of pages linked, and for content uploaded by Members and/or third parties. Climanosco has no influence on third-party websites. If Climanosco incurs loss through the behaviour of third parties, they shall indemnify Climanosco accordingly.
  5. Climanosco shall accept no liability for misuse of Members or Subscribers’ accounts by third parties. The Member or Subscriber shall be liable him/herself for all action taken by third parties using a Member or Subscriber’s access details.
  6. Climanosco shall not be liable for minor negligence or indirect losses.

Final Provisions

  1. Should any provision of these Terms, including the applicable Copyrights notice and Privacy Policy, be considered unworkable, this shall not affect the validity of all or any other provisions. Failure by Climanosco to implement a provision shall imply no waiver thereof.

Legal Jurisdiction

  1. The relationship between Climanosco and its Members, Subscribers, Users, Donors and/or Customers shall be subject to substantive Swiss law, to the preclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods dated 11 April 1980. With respect to all disputes based on or in connection with any order, transaction or contract, the ordinary courts in 8005 Zurich, Switzerland, shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Communicating with Climanosco

  1. Communication with Climanosco can be made by mail or email.
  2. The mailing address is:
    c/o The Hub Zurich Association
    Viaduktstrasse 93-95
    8005 Zurich
  3. The email address for all communications concerning these Terms is: