The Sixth General Assembly 2021 is on

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Posted on 20/11/2021

The Sixth General Assembly 2021 is on
Michel S. Bourqui
2021-11-20 09:27:37

Dear members of the Climanosco association,

Our Sixth General Assembly has now started online and will run until Sunday 19 December 23:59 UTC 2021 on the Internet at the official address:

During the first period of the assembly until 10 December (23:59 UTC), you are invited to read through the presentations of all items of the agenda and to discuss them using the corresponding fields that are available for this purpose. This is the perfect opportunity for everyone to ask questions and suggest ideas! The Board of Directors will reply to all questions and objections, and, where fits, we will follow up with a proposal at the next General Assembly 2022.

After this period of discussion, you will have time to cast your vote until the General Assembly ends on 19 December at 23:59 UTC.

Note that you are welcome to vote at anytime from now on and until the General Assembly ends on 19 December at 23:59 UTC.

Schedule – mark your agenda!

  • 20 November (00:00 UTC) – 10 December (23:59 UTC): Presentation and discussion of items of agenda, and anticipated vote
    • 20 Nov – 26 Nov: Questions / objections by Members
    • 27 Nov – 3 Dec: Reply to questions / objections by Board of Directors
    • 4 Dec – 8 Dec: Acknowledgment by questioning / objecting Members
    • 9 Dec – 10 Dec: Acknowledgment by Board of Directors
  • 11 December (00:00 UTC) – 19 December (23:59 UTC): Regular vote is open
  • 20 December: Closing and release of vote results

Make sure you vote on all items by 19 December 23:59 UTC. We need everyone’s participation.

A warm thank you for your participation!

Michel, on behalf of the Board of Directors