This holiday season, give the gift of knowledge

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Posted on 01/12/2017

This holiday season, give the gift of knowledge
Michel S. Bourqui
2017-12-01 14:01:20

Dear friends of Climanosco,

Our last fundraising campaign took place in the fall 2015. Two very exciting years have passed since then, where we produced our first publications, we consolidated our organization, doubled our membership and just launch our new web site. Very importantly, in the background of all recent achievements, we have two outstanding part-time staff members with Jennifer and Salla. This 2015 fundraising, thanks to our hard-working volunteers, brought Climanosco a big step forward.

Now we want to look into the future and project Climanosco another big step forward, by creating much more content and strongly developing our reach.

Today, to make this possible, we are starting our 2017 fundraising campaign on the crowdfunding platform and on our web site. The campaign will be on from 1 December to 31 December.

To bring this fundraising to a success, we need each of you. We need you to share and post on social media, send emails to your friends, take contact with potentially key donors and distribute flyers broadly. We would like to make sure that every potentially interested person hears about it and that no one is left out missing this opportunity to support a very important effort.

Every single action, even small, is helpful. Together, these small steps create a momentum, increase awareness on the campaign and increase likelihood that interested persons will hear about it.

And we have good news to start off: All funds raised on the crowdfunding platform (up to CHF/USD 10,000) will be doubled thanks to their Science Booster channel.

Check out our fundraising page here and come back regularly as we will be posting updates:

Fundraising page in English:
Fundraising page in German:
Fundraising page in French:

Thank you for your support.

On behalf of the team,