Election of temporary Advisory Committee – Send your candidature by 30th September!

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Posted on 18/09/2014

Election of temporary Advisory Committee – Send your candidature by 30th September!
Michel S. Bourqui
2014-09-18 11:14:26

Dear Climate Onliners,

The coming year will be a very exciting one for Climate Online. We will set our standards and develop our approaches to writing science in non-scientific language, and to communication and networking with the public. To enable ourselves to tackle the challenges in the most creative manner, we need to bring our brains together and include as many viewpoints as possible to guide our steps.

For this reason, I am proposing to form a temporary Advisory Committee. This committee will be a preliminary version of our future Executive Committee.

For now, your role as a member of the Advisory Committee will be to actively participate in the discussions that will shape the development of Climate Online in the months to come. These discussions will take place on a dedicated forum on our website. From looking at our current membership, I think that we should be able to form a committee strong of 4 scientists and 4 non-scientists.

With this announcement, I am calling on every member to consider being candidate for this Advisory Committee. Please notify me of your candidature by email by September 30th with the following:

  • A paragraph telling who you are
  • A paragraph telling your vision for Climate Online (e.g. why you find this project important, what’s your vision for the next 10 years; you can be creative!)
  • A short Curriculum Vitae or Biography (anything shorter than 1 page)

On 1st October, I will set up a candidates’ showpage on our website and will announce the start of the vote. The voting procedure will be visible for members only, so please register today if you haven’t. You will then have until the 15th of October to elect the members of your choice.

Warmly looking forward to working with you,