Welcome back, it’s now time for action at Climate Online!

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Posted on 16/09/2014

Welcome back, it’s now time for action at Climate Online!
Michel S. Bourqui
2014-09-16 15:10:16

Dear Climate Onliners,

With most of us being back from holidays, it is now time for action at Climate Online!

One of the main challenges for the next 9 months is to develop our network of members (non-scientists and scientists) and our presence on social media. For this to happen, we need to bring our strengths together! We will be forming a Working Group on Networking and Social Media – more will come soon.

In parallel, we will have our very first, pioneer manuscripts. Several scientists already promised to submit a pioneer manuscript by the end of November. Please contact me if you want to be part of this (for scientific members), either as an Editor or as an Author, or if you would like to recommend a colleague.

We will also be organizing a contest for the best manuscripts and invitations in the spring 2015. More on this will come in the next months.

Very important: I will soon send an announcement for the elections of our temporary Advisory Committee. We should be able to form a committee of 4 scientific and 4 non-scientific members. Be a candidate, we need you! You’ll have a great chance to participate with your voice to all the important decisions that will shape Climate Online in the months to come!

For your information, the name “Climate Online” is now reserved for us on most domain names on the Internet and trademarks have been requested internationally.

I wish you a fantastic start of fall and talk to you soon,