Climanosco’s Launch Event

An Event posted on 08/09/2015
Last updated on 16/09/2015
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Event date: 17/09/2015
Event location: Zurich, Switzerland

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Dear Everyone,

I am delighted to announce:

Climanosco’s Launch Event

17 September 2015 from 5 to 7pm in Zurich

Venue: The Garage, Impact HUB Zurich (see how to get there), Geroldstrasse 33, 8005 Zürich

We will introduce at this occasion and in exclusivity the masterpiece and the artists associated to our Launch Campaign.

Everyone warmly welcome! Please let me know if you can be there by using the link above.

Would you like to echo this event in some other place in the world and help making our Crowdfunding campaign stronger? Fantastic! You will be part of history! Let me know asap and we will coordinate things together.

Warm regards,