News from Climanosco & Call for Reviewers

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Posted on 23/11/2022

News from Climanosco & Call for Reviewers
Michel S. Bourqui
2022-11-23 16:01:17

Dear Members of Climanosco,

As we are heading towards the end of the year 2022 already, I would like to give you an update of our activities and how you can help.

The past three years have been very intense with two completed editions of Dear2050 and a new one started in 2022.

Each edition of Dear2050 begins with an international call for scientists and artists where we reach out to find authors willing to contribute a scientific manuscript or an artwork. We then follow the artists and the scientists as they develop their works and we organize the peer review of the manuscripts within Climanosco’s community.

The public exhibition represents the culmination of these efforts. The exhibition presents in several locations and over several months these scientific and artistic works together, offering a unique mix of perspectives on a climate topic.

We make all participating works available online so that everyone can enjoy everything:

The two past editions have been successful – even in these COVID times – each time bringing over many hundreds of visitors to a multi-month exhibition, to discover 15-25 original artworks and 5-6 original scientific works on a particular climate topic: Human responses to climate change in 2020, and Oceans and climate change in 2021.

We are now working on the next edition on the topic of Forests and climate change.

An important output of this is the collection of scientific articles that you can enjoy here:

The articles we publish are written by the scientific researchers themselves. The information they offer is solidly anchored in science. These manuscripts, unlike so many online publications, will have a real long-lasting relevance.

We put so much work into this because we believe that climate science should be accessible to everyone. Why? Because climate change is the biggest challenge of humankind today, and climate science is the best knowledge we have about it.

We created Climanosco to work as a community and make sure this knowledge doesn’t just stay within the scientific boundaries, but can be shared widely, with everyone.

We are currently lagging behind with our reviews of the scientific manuscripts. We need accessibility reviewers to review how understandable the manuscripts are for a non-scientific audience, and we need scientific reviewers to review the scientific content of the manuscripts.

If you’re still hesitating, here are three more reasons why you should help:

  1. You’ll learn new things. Things you can rely on.
  2. You’ll have an impact. Each Climanosco article will be read by hundreds of people over the coming year after it’s published.
  3. We’ll ship you a Climanosco T-Shirt to thank you for your work. Just claim it by sending us an email, and let us know your preferred type and size (see:

Get in touch with us to offer your help in reviewing manuscripts here:

Lastly, we’ll be closing the year with a General Assembly live on Zoom in December. We’ll soon send an invitation to all Members of the Association. If you are not a Member of the Association and would like to become one, log in and go to “My profile” / “Update my profile” or get in touch with us.

All the best,