Pre-announcing our Crowdfunding Campaign

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Posted on 04/09/2015

Pre-announcing our Crowdfunding Campaign
Michel S. Bourqui
2015-09-04 21:05:57

Dear All,

Climanosco is taking off and we organise at this occasion a Crowdfunding campaign on from 15 September to 15 October!

I will announce the start of the Crowdfunding with all the details on the 15 September and will regularly post updates during the campaign on our home page. Make sure you stay tuned!

You are welcome to join and participate in the organisation of the Crowdfunding at any stage. It will be a lot of fun and a very special experience. Please sign up on this dedicated Idea’s group and you will be connected with others who are working on it.

We will need everyone’s help to make this campaign a success. During the campaign, we will need you to regularly spread the word through all media, and by inviting friends and relatives by email, asking them to spread the word.

But for now, allow me to ask you two favors:

  • We would like to make a nice photo wall for our Indiegogo page with many pictures of our members. Can you please send me a picture of you (as soon as possible)?
  • We would like you to help generate buzz for our campaign. If you want to be part of the fun, please send me your t-shirt size and address asap and I will mail you a gorgeous Climanosco t-shirt with a few flyers. The idea will be to go out during the campaign, wearing the t-shirt and try to take pictures of you with as many people as possible. We will post these pictures on Facebook and hope to attract attention on our campaign. Any other ideas are welcome!

Thanks for being there!