We’re on Crowdfunding campaign now and until 15 October!

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Posted on 15/09/2015

We’re on Crowdfunding campaign now and until 15 October!
Michel S. Bourqui
2015-09-15 12:49:36

Dear All,

Our Crowdfunding campaign is starting right now on Indiegogo.com and will run until 15 October.

This is big time for Climanosco! It is our very first fundraising and we need to bring all our strengths together to make it a huge success!

As a strictly independent non-profit association, we rely on large numbers of small/medium contributions. This first fundraising will bring us the next level in our reach, our platform, our articles and our community.

We have 31 days to make this campaign a huge success.

Everyone’s help is required. Please spread the word today, tomorrow and as often as you can during the campaign using emails or any possible media. Talk about it with all your friends, relatives and colleagues. Use your campaign t-shirts regularly, take pictures, send them to me for posting on Facebook. Let me know if you need additional campaign t-shirts or flyers.

Here are the required files if you wish to print flyers or t-shirts at a local shop.

The short URL for our campaign on Indiegogo.com is: http://igg.me/at/climanosco2015

On all social media, please use our dedicated campaign hashtag: #MakeClimateKnowledgeAccessible.

Do you know any local newspapers in your neighborhood that could help advertise our campaign? Just let me know, I can send you texts to ease your job.

Do you know of an event, a conference, a cultural club, a cafe that could help distribute flyers? Just let me know, I will be happy to mail hard paper flyers to you.

Do you have any comment, critics or new idea that can help improve this campaign? Let me know! We’ll be continuously trying to improve things during this campaign.

Do you want to be part of the Crowdfunding team? Simply sign up for this Idea’s group and you will receive an invitation.

We will make it happen!

Warmest regards,