Climanosco needs you!

Climanosco is a root-based initiative. It is nothing but the sum of the contributions from its members. It is administered by its members and all articles are written and publicized by its members. Climanosco’s members gather around the idea that the climate sciences should become accessible to everyone because climate impact the lives of a growing number of communities around the world. Our members come from around the world, they are scientists sharing their expertise, they are non-scientists sharing their passion, they are skilled students, teachers, journalists, doctors, parents, any individual concerned that climate knowledge becomes public knowledge. Climanosco members are the first ones to benefit from this new dissemination of climate knowledge, they have the opportunity to become increasingly knowledgeable by actively participating to the redaction of articles, by being part of the peer-review committees or by participating to the Citizen Climate Science Project. Climanosco gives to climate scientists a unique channel for making their research have a public impact. Publication is led by scientists and follows high quality scientific standards. Public impact metrics (to come) allow the public impact of individual articles to be measured and accounted for.

Climanosco is currently in its launch phase and will be growing step-by-step over time thanks to the dedicated work of the members. Everyone can contribute. The members share by way of vote the important decisions that will shape the future of the initiative. They are the pioneers who contribute to publishing our first climate articles.

Climanosco is an independent, non-profit association, because we think that it is the best way to ensure that it reflects on the long term the wishes of its members. Registration is free of fees for 2015-2016. Later on, we plan to ask for a minimal annual registration fee, necessary to ensure on the long term the administration and maintenance of the web site as it grows.

Do you find Climanosco‘s objectives of interest and wish to contribute to its development from the start? Great! Then please Register!

Once registered and logged-in, please visit the Challenge page to discover the exciting Manuscripts participating to our Launch Challenge 2015!