What aspect of climate would you like to see in the next articles?

Climanosco news
Posted by Michel S. Bourqui
On 16/09/2016

Dear All,

With our first articles published, we are now getting prepared to launch the call for our next series of articles.

We would like to dedicate the next issue of articles to an area of climate which matters to you. We want you to chose the thematic area!

A Brainstorming Page is now open for you to gather ideas and vote (login required).

The Brainstorming is open to all members until 31 October 2016. You are allowed three votes over this period. It is important that you propose your ideas the earliest possible to make sure that many will vote for them! Don’t wait until the last minute.

What topic would you be interested in? Let us know! It will take just two minutes of your time. Connect to the Brainstorming Page, and enter your idea or vote for an existing one. Don’t forget to come back later on to make your next vote (you will have to wait min. 24 hours between two votes).

Thank you for your participation,

PS: Don’t forget to send your candidature for the Board of Directors! We have as many as 5 seats available this year. You have a great chance to get in!