Call for manuscripts – spring 2018

Latest updates: Preliminary discussion starting very soon now – stay tuned

Manuscripts submitted

Heat stress and inadequate toilet access at work place – a potential hazard to working women in changing climate
By VIDHYA VENUGOPAL, Rekha Shanmugam, Priscilla Johnson, Rebekah Ann Isabel Lucas and Kristina Jakobsson

How rising carbon dioxide is decreasing nutrition in crops, and what that means for global health
By Matthew Smith and Samuel S Myers

Increasing heat creates hardship for brick kiln workers in Chennai, India and the alternative pathways reducing it.
By Karin Lundgren Kownacki, Karin Lundgren Kownacki, Siri M. Kjellberg, Pernille Goosh, Marwa Dabaieh and Vidhya Venugopal

Assessing health impacts of air pollution in South Asia: Challenges and prospects
By Manish Kumar, Narendra Ojha, Arshitha Anand and Tirthankar Banerjee

Hot working environments and the ‘Epidemic of heat-related injuries’ in the changing climate scenario
By VIDHYA VENUGOPAL, PK Latha, Tord Kjellstrom, Rebekah Lucas, Kristina Jakobsson, Jason Glaser, Seichi Horie, Marvin González-Quiroz, Sandra Peraza, Ilana Weiss, David Wegman, Theo Bodin, Cathrina Wessling, Hannu Rintamaki and Sirkka Rissanen

Sea level under climate change: Understanding the links between the past and the future
By Keven Roy, Nicole S. Khan, Timothy A. Shaw, Robert E. Kopp and Benjamin P. Horton

Are climate change and economic recessions bad for your health?
By Joan Ballester



We invite you to participate in our spring 2018 call for manuscripts on the topic ‘Climate change and its impacts’

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19 June 2018: Last details of the manuscripts are getting ready and we’ll start the preliminary discussion very soon now.

19 June 2018: Thank you for your patience and apologies for the delay. We’re a small team and the number of ongoing projects has increased quite significantly recently. We’re in particular working on updating the online manuscript peer review process to make it more user friendly. We hope you will enjoy it.

20 May 2018: A big thank you to the authors for having submitted their manuscripts.

14 May 2018: We are now starting to receive the manuscripts. We will review the formatting and post them for preliminary discussion early next week. Stay tuned!

30 April 2018: At the request of several authors, we have extended the submission deadline to 15 May. Please make sure your manuscript is submitted by this date!

26 April 2018: The online submission is now open.

26 April 2018: Tentative titles of the upcoming manuscripts are now available.

1 April 2018: We are delighted to announce that we are expecting seven manuscripts from scholars across USA, Europe and Asia for this call. More information will be posted here soon.

16 March 2018: Thank you to all those who have already notified us of their intent to participate. We continue to accept new notifications for participation beyond the 15 March deadline.

26 February 2018: Special prizes will be awarded to the authors of the three best articles of this call for manuscripts (more details in our invitation to submit a manuscript).

26 February 2018: At the request of many authors we have extended the deadlines for submission of notifications from 20 February to 15 March and the deadline for submission of manuscripts from 1 April to 1 May 2018.

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