Your participation wanted – New research articles (2020 call)

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Posted on 14/04/2020

Your participation wanted – New research articles (2020 call)
Michel S. Bourqui
2020-04-14 10:16:17

Dear Climanosco community,

Freshly baked research articles have just arrived, and it’s now your chance to help make this new climate science accessible for everyone!

Scientists from around the world have responded to our call on ‘Human responses to climate change’. We are thrilled with the collection of submissions which examine topics ranging from social psychology, valuing traditional knowledge, to nature restoration programmes and climate mitigation strategies.

Now begins the next step: Enriching these manuscripts and ensuring they are understandable to a broad audience with feedback from our community.

We invite you to connect with the manuscripts here and to participate with your comments and reviews as suggested below:

  1. Give your comments in the preliminary discussions:
    This is the first exchange and perhaps the most exciting one, and it’s just started! Make sure you participate by commenting on as many of the manuscripts as you like within the coming two weeks. The authors will use all of your feedback to make a first round of improvements to their manuscripts.
  2. Write your reviews:
    After the first round of improvements of the manuscripts is completed, in about 3-4 weeks, you will be invited to write reviews on the manuscripts. A review is a more comprehensive feedback on an individual manuscript. We will typically need two accessibility reviewers and two science reviewers per manuscript. Please make sure you let us know that you’d like to participate as a reviewer!
  3. Submit your last comments in the open discussions:
    The open discussion will start after all reviews have been received and will be the last opportunity to provide feedback on a manuscript. The authors will use all reviews and open discussion’s comments to complete the revision of their manuscripts.

Comments and reviews are welcome from everyone. They are essential to make sure these research articles will be readily understandable by a broad audience and that they are scientifically sound and based on published peer-reviewed research.

All members of Climanosco have access to the manuscripts after login. If you registered as a subscriber of Climanosco and you’d like to participate, please upgrade your registration to member by logging in, connecting with your profile and following the instructions under “Considering changing your registration…”. If you haven’t registered yet, you may register as a member for free at any time.

Due to the current lock-down situation, a few more manuscripts are expected to arrive with some delay. We will inform you when they arrive.

We can’t wait to read your feedback on the new manuscripts!

As always, please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Ready? Connect with the manuscripts now.

Warm regards,
Michel and the Climanosco team