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Entangled Forests

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Welcome to our call for artists and scientists on Forests and Climate Change.

We invite scientists around the world to consider submitting manuscripts for the upcoming Climanosco Research Articles collection “Entangled Forests”.

Climanosco Research Articles is a new open-access journal publishing outreach articles written by researchers for a broad audience.

We welcome manuscripts on forests and climate change for this collection, including the physical, chemical, biological, and/or socio-economical aspects.

Manuscripts will reflect recent scientific research published in recognized peer-reviewed journals. They will be approximately 1500 words (3 pages), written in a language accessible to the general public. They may include pictures, illustrations, and videos. Manuscripts may be either an introduction to well-established knowledge, a general overview of an area of research, or a more detailed dive into specific facets of an area of research.

Scientists participating in this call will have the opportunity to collaborate with artists and their manuscripts included alongside artworks in the upcoming art & science exhibition “Dear 2050: Entangled Forests”.

We are in our second round of this call for scientists in 2023 and we are still accepting manuscripts!

Please notify us of your intention to participate as soon as possible.

Find all details of this call in our invitation letter for scientists.

Submissions by scientists

Participating manuscripts will be listed here as they come. Note that you must be logged in as a member to access manuscripts details (see how here).

The dimensional data of American beech trees in changing climates: environmental data science meets digital art installations in public space
By Blandine Courcot, Gisèle Trudel and Marc-André Cossette

Threat from the sky – dry air puts plants under stress even when their roots have enough water
By Leonie Schönbeck, Philipp Schuler, Marco M. Lehmann, Eugénie Mas, Laura Mekarni, Alexandria L. Pivovaroff, Pascal Turberg and Charlotte Grossiord

Going 3D – the changing landscape of forest structural complexity
By Alice Rosen and Tommaso Jucker

Access previous collections of Climanosco Research Articles here.



Submissions by artists

Participating artists are listed here

Amazonian rainforest
By Aldebarán Solares
The devil is in the details
By Aljohara Jeje
By Bart Ensing
Virtues of Wood
By Bienvenue Studios
Forest Consciousness
By Dor Feldfogel
By Eva Lippert
As sentir a chasa
By Hannah Grüninger
Decomposing Cello
By Julia Rigby
Holy Tree
By Karolina Majewska
A wood walk
By Marie-Anne Lerjen
Lps typographus
By Niklaus Manuel Güdel
Atmospheric forest
By Rasa Smite
By Robert Derr
Ghost Trees
By Sandra Köstler
Flattening of time and space
By Stefania Urist
Voices of the distant forest
By Tat-Dat Nguyen



Dear2050: Entangled Forests

Dear2050 is a series of art & science events and exhibitions organized by Climanosco. In this third edition, Dear2050: Entangled Forests, we are partnering with Prof. Grossiord, EPFL, Switzerland, to bring together scientific works and artworks from international calls for artists and scientists, into a convergence of arts & science collaborations, events and exhibitions on the topic of forests and climate change. All events and exhibitions will be held locally in Switzerland and online at Dear2050: Entangled Forests is funded by Agora / Swiss National Science Foundation.

The exhibition Dear2050: Entangled Forests is currently in preparation.
See the latest news on

August 2023: Two forest holiday camps for children, with introduction to scientific research on climate change and forests
10 July 2023 – 4 August 2023: Krzysztof Wronski, Artist in Residence at PERL / EPFL
4 August 2023 – 18 August 2023: Maja Renn, Artist in Residence at PERL / EPFL
30, 31 August 2023: Forest tours with artist Marie-Anne Lerjen, including a guided tour of the WSL research station (moedoks)
9 October 2023 – 13 October 2023: Cultural week Frequenz Natur II, Hotel Schweizerhof, Lenzerheide (see details)
7 December 2023 – 6 January 2024: Dear2050: Entangled Forests exhibition at Kornhausforum, Bern
30 March 2024 – 20 April 2024: Dear2050: Entangled Forests exhibition at Zeughausareal, Uster
26 April 2024 – 10 May 2024: Dear2050: Entangled Forests exhibition at Forum de l’Hôtel de Ville, Lausanne
18 May 2024 – 2 June 2024: Dear2050: Entangled Forests exhibition at Chrämerhuus, Langenthal


To learn more about upcoming Dear2050 programs, or to watch virtual tours or speeches of previous editions, check our site.

As we work towards this new exciting Dear2050 program, we particularly appreciate any amount of support by like-hearted minds, whether through a donation to Climanosco or a donation specifically for Dear2050.



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See the Invitation for scientists here.


3 October 2023: We updated this page with all participating artists and the newest program.

1 October 2023: We are still accepting scientific manuscripts – get in touch with us if you’re interested!

1 September 2023: After an exciting summer program, we are now preparing for more events and for the art & science exhibitions.

23 February 2023: We are launching a second round of this call for scientists in 2023. Contact us if you are interested.

15 July 2022: The call for manuscripts is progressing well. We have five manuscripts confirmed and one already submitted. In order to meet our goal of about ten manuscripts, and due to the summer holidays, we’re now extending the submission deadline to 1 October for everyone. Thank you to all participants!

28 April 2022: We are launching the call for scientists today.

20 April 2022: Howdy, we’re starting preparations for this new call for scientists and artists.