The Constitutive Assembly is open, please vote by 8 July 2015

Climanosco news
Posted by Michel S. Bourqui
On 25/06/2015

Dear All,

The Constitutive Assembly is now open on the Internet for a period of 14 days until Wednesday 8 July 23:59 UTC at the address:

It is very important that you participate. It will take maximum 15 minutes of your time with an Internet connection. You can vote anytime during this 14 days period, but don’t wait until the last minute!

This Constitutive Assembly is the historic event where we formally found our non-for-profit Climanosco Association.

All those participating to the Constitutive Assembly (and only those) will be granted the status of Founding Member.

I look forward to seeing you all participate to this important event.

Yours sincerely,